Extended Version of the Full Film, There is more to Murder then Meets the eye!.Money is Power, But what happens when you combine our power, with the power of Greed, we can end wars with a simple transaction...we can start them Just as Easy!...

Year: 2553
Location: Colony of Ute'k Mardee
Contract: Eliminate Marshal Batonee

The First Great Galactic War is Over, Yet the battles never Stop. Mere months after the end, new wars Erupt as Sephoran Uprising begins.  Not all come to the battered world of Sephora for war, some come to pick up bits and pieces . The Fallen will rise, Legion will be their  Salvation!

​​Symbolic representation of the "First Legionary Coalition", The Formation of the "Legion" featuring High Commanders of the Organization.

Episode 1: "The Mercenary"

Episode 1: "The Mercenary"

Judge, Jury, Executioner

First Cohort

First Legionary

A Re-release of one of our old films, featuring new voice talent, different score and a more cinematic feel.

Legion continues to grow, worlds fall, enemies wither, the fallen shall rise. Universe holds many secrets, some are not hidden deep enough.