​        May 27, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy )

           Halo Wednesdays- Pondering on a New Show -(Halo MCC)


Pro, MLG, SUPER TACTICAL, HALO MASTER, gameplay for you to watch

​                     May 23, 2015 (FT. Mikey )

              Unofficial Trigrams Pseudo-Update (Van Helsing 3)


 Short update about Website, exclusives, discussion, fun shenanigans! 

​              May 20, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy)

Warrior Wednesday - Heroes of Tyria (1) ( Guild Wars 2)  


                       Small GoT talks, General Gaming, Leveling up!

Welcome to the Media Room! This is the place for all of you who are interested in our gaming,singing,crazy  adventures. Our gaming livestreams and all non machinima or proper                                            show content will be only available here, on this page!

​                                                                                  ENJOY!

                May 7, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy) 

   Bloody Thursday-Time for ze Zeds (Killing Floor)                                                                                   Highlights

       Intro to a new "show", some fun time stabbing Zembies, Good ol FUN

​         May 31, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy )

       Silent Sundays - Controversy Perhaps ?( WarThunder Noobies)    


                 BPS hate? Small Directors vs Big Directors, Advice

​         May 29, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy )


 FPS Friday- Community Shizz, spilling booty juices on MU,CC and alike?                                                (Halo MCC at 60 FPS)


                         Complaining about MU,CC and the like

​        May 26, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy )

            Asking about our past!Problem Maker-(Killing Floor 2


We fight a trouble maker, a troll and a nasty person who pries the past

​             May 20, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy)

   Bloodthristy Thursdays-Black and White Gangstas ( GTA 5


               Pure Comedy and Shinanigans, Purely fun entertainment! 

​                                 May 8, 2015

Wolfenstine:Old Blood | Complete PC Wlakthrough  


            Full silent walkthrough of the entire stand alone expansion for 

                                            Wolfentine:New Order

​               May 19, 2015 (FT. Mikey and Brandy)

Tank Tuesday- Ze German Tankas (WarThunder


     Q&A, Horrible YouTube Stream, Funny Jokes, Insights and F U N!