Episode 12: "Anti-Hero"

Bartholomew and Dante learn the truth about the monsters...and make a desperate escape from Gino's lab.

Bartholomew, Dante, and Rachel have gone to meet with Gino...the meeting doesn't quite go as expected.

Episode 9: "Subject 77"

Episode 7: "Civilized Approach"

Episode 5: "Sucker Punch"

Bartholomew has a talk with a very upset Rachel....and another monster comes lurking out from its hole

Bartholomew awakes in a new, strange, and unfamiliar place...The monster's lair. And Rachel has an unpleasant conversation with Meredith James.

Bartholomew's day becomes interesting, mysterious compound, new gun of shooting, and  entry into Hero-hood. 

Bartholomew's day is wrapping up as he gets out of school and meets up with his friend Rachel Miller. Looks like a normal afternoon....but how long can things stay normal for a Monster Hunter?

Episode 2: "Hero Problem"

Episode 1: "An Average Morning"

Overrun with invisible or just plain stealthy monsters, a city is in need of a savior...they just don't know it. But that savior is here, in the form of a high school teenager who happens to be gifted with the ability to see these invisible monsters...And he will hunt down every last one of them.

The final chapter of Monster Hunter. Part 3 of the Anti-Hero Finale Arc. Episode 13 will be split into 2 parts -enjoy Part 1! Part 2 is on the way...


Episode 13: "Finale" - Part 1

The Finale - Anti-hero: Part 2 of 3

"[He] held his heart in his hands,
And ate of it.
I said, 'Is it good, friend?'
'It is bitter bitter,' he answered;
'But I like it
Because it is bitter,
And because it is my heart.'"

Description: The Finale - Anti-hero: Part 1 of 3

Episode 11: "Anti-Hero"

Episode 10: "Murderer"

Bartholomew comes up with a 'brilliant' plan to find the source of the monsters... Dante is not amused.

Episode 8: "Fresh Meat"

Bartholomew's less-than-lawful activities have finally caught up with him...Now he's the one who needs saving.. 

Episode 6: "Look Who's Talking"

Episode 4: "Language Barrier"

Bartholomew works out one unfortunate predicament only to land himself right into another. A surprise vacation to...Tokyo?!

Episode 3: "Origin"