Article by Ani (GuyHigh)

                                          Halo 5: Guardians Review - By Ani

Halo 5 was released on October 27th 2015, I was skeptical of the game

at first, but eventually pre-ordered it and went along to the midnight

release in my local town. Now, due to my University’s obscenely odd

rule with internet, playing the game online is basically impossible

for the time being, so this won’t cover anything from Warzone to theater,

to REQ packs to Co-op, purely the single player experience, but as Ben

"Yahtzee" Croshaw says “the single player must stand up by itself.

”(Extra Punctuation: On Multiplayer) So to reiterate, this will only cover

the single player experience, and the relevant aspects that can be drawn

from it such as Gameplay, story, AI, weaponry, etc.

                                                                                                              THE GOOD

                                                                                                                  The Gameplay.
                                                                                                               Now when I first start playing the story, on mission OSIRIS I found the                                                                                                                        gameplay to  be, rather slow. This was a huge disappointment to me, I like                                                                                                               running into battle and killing everything I can find, not sitting at the back                                                                                                             and telling my squad to move in. However then I started to combine the two.                                                                                                            I would scale a cliff edge and send OSIRIS down the middle, while I provided                                                                                                                      support from behind, in the style of launching myself from a rock and                                                                                                             punching an Elites skull through its arse. That is something I have to give the                                                                                                            game credit for, once you realize that it is always designed for four Spartans                                                                                                           and you begin using your team, then it becomes playable. It also succeeds in                                                                                                               becoming much faster paced as the game goes on, fighting through waves                                                                                                           of Covenant, zipping left, right, up, and down like a fly on adrenaline. Spartan Abilities are a nice replacement for Armour abilities, they make the game flow much quicker. They function much quicker and can switch between them almost instantly.

                                                                                                                       THE AI

The squad based combat is something that is long overdue in the Halo series,

first hinted at with ODST and Reach, it is a welcome feature, creating less of a

singular hero fighting all odds cliché, and becomes a much more realistic

military world. Both OSIRIS and BLUE operate with extremely well coded AI,

I never had a single problem with them. They responded well when given

orders to move up, and revival. They will eventually reach the “engage enemies”

options when in a firefight, but always seems to take their own fight as a priority, which I suppose makes sense and is preferable to the idea that sure the AI could just stop the firefight there in, turn, and be mauled to death by the Crawler they have now chose to ignore. 

                                                                                                                The Characters

BLUE team makes there game debut, having been explored deeply in the expanded universe, and fans of the EU will greatly appreciate their inclusion. People who stick to the games will not feel as out of the loop as they did with Halo 4. It’s very briefly commented on who they are, and if you have been following the pre-release trailers, you understand the basics of it. They are a group of Spartans who have known Chief since he was young, who have rallied behind him. There personalities are all very reminiscent of the books, Linda is quiet, Fred and Kelly both worry about Chief, as pointed about by Locke they are a family.

I had an initial worry about OSIRIS, I was fully intent on reading the EU but not everyone was thus if OSIRIS wasn’t fleshed out enough they would be nothing more than voices, not the people we want to fight behind. However although not completely fleshed out as much as they could be, they still feel like a solid team.

                                                                                                                    THE BAD

The Arbiter

This is a very personal gripe, but 343 don’t seem to understand how Elites voices work. The Arbiters voice in Halo 2 and 3 had a very calming but still Elite like voice. Here it sounds like Keith David, being lowered only slightly. He sounds too human. Up to hearing him I was beyond excited to see Thel again, then as soon as he opened his mouth I was disappointed. This however felt as if it was more prominent in the game than the cut scenes, so there is a saving grace.

The Truth

Going into Halo 5 I was hyped to know, why John had turned on the UNSC, why was Locke so determined to stop him, and then, none of those questions were answered. In fact John and BLUE barley turned on the UNSC, he said No to one guy and had a brief tussle with Locke. And that is it, maybe Chief will turn full in the next game, but quite frankly the marketing took the ideas one way, and the game decided to go the complete other. We could have had a gritty, noir based Halo, complete with detection, actually hunting, maybe even a few moral choices. Instead the epic showdown gets cast aside for a very frustrating Forerunner

The Warden

Fuck this repetitious, whiny, clingy prick. He provides nothing to the story, was complete un needed and all the time we spent with him we could have been doing anything from exploring backstories to fighting some real inventive enemies. We could have had to outrun the UNSC as BLUE team, or fight our way up a Guardian as OSIRIS. Or hell, done something more fun than fighting the same boss Eight times. Eight! Occasionally you are fighting three of them at once which becomes nothing more than a cluster fuck of Swords and you hiding on the other side of the map and running as fast as you can while shooting backwards, praying that one of the other Wardens are too distracted with the rest of your team. His character is being sworn to defend another one, however they come across as clingy and whiny, rather than a strong leader of the Forerunners. Even when he is told not to intervene, he does, and then cries when he loses.


What could make it better?

>If the different directions of the D pad controlled different team mates
> Remove the repetitive bosses
> Fix the Sanghelli
>Expand the universe
>More dynamic level design
> Split the game equally

Overall Halo 5 is a massive step up from its predecessor, not on the standards of the Bungie trilogy, nor the spin offs but it is a welcome improvement to the franchise, and contains some pretty fun and unique new ideas.

                                                                                                 “Roll out the Red Carpet ladies!”


            Welcome back to the website! This article will be covering a few things: Commentary on our recent approval rating, teasing for future projects, and a very large proposal on how we can better the Machinima Community! Let's dig into the meat and potatoes (Oh my god that sounds good!) of this business!


            Beginning with our recent approval rating, we're glad to report that views, subs, etc. are all making it... somehow. It's a very steady growth, nowhere near the exponential variety of Knightmare or Arbiter, but we're very happy to see our audience (read: community) continue to grow and expand. We've had a few very awesome people become long time members of our livestream chatrooms, and you have no clue how much it motivates us to continue on when we see your eager words! With that, thank you guys! =D Now that our own community is stabilizing, we have a few words to say concerning the machinima community in general, with a focus on Halo machinimators/directors/filmmakers.


            Perhaps you wouldn't come to us first when it came to finding advice on how to fix a problem concerning internet drama. We've been known to be right in the thick of it at times, and amusingly we would be the first in line waiting to watch an epic showdown between people in this Halo centered pool of artists; hell, we'd bring the popcorn! That being said, we aren't exactly as “evil” as some would say we are, and are in fact interested in keeping this community somewhat afloat as long as it affects our own audience (yes, we care about our audience. Wanna fight about it?!). Everyone knows that there are a myriad of issues surrounding this community, and while they are losing ground, it seems to be more a matter of “Out of sight, out of mind” than an actual armistice, and soon enough it'll break. It always does! So here's how we propose you can fix or at least limit the degradation of the Halo Machinima community.


            First off, stop treating the filmmakers like they are celebrities! What really divides people on the internet? A following? The amount of contacts or the time spent devoting your time to filmmaking? What about your subscriber and view score? The correct answer is “Nothing but what's in your mind.” For sure, it's overly easy to create a machinima now-adays as you only require a few things, like a computer, a console, and an appropriate capture card with which to create whatever your fanciful heart desires. Once you have the tools, people begin to think you're a craftsman! In the end, you and the viewers are the ones putting value in the numbers attached to a certain person and then assigning a rank to that person. Once ranks come into play, you would obviously value yourself lower or higher for achieving similar success, and this sort of labeling complex is what we believe to be a key factor in the interactions between filmmakers. The clincher? It's entirely unneccessary! We filmmakers are human beings too, and are just as capable of failing something as you are (or even more likely, in the case of some). Treat us like it! Be respectful, but do not be cowed by our “status” or following. Be helpful, but do not be subservient to “The next Micheal Bay/James Cameron/Chuck Norris”. Be grateful, but do not feel soulfully indebted to the guy with bigger numbers that decided to give you a small spotlight to eat his attention from. In short, we're all just human, and while we deserve respect for our achievements, we do not deserve nor ask to be portrayed as big shots who are above this world, and heaven forbid we be feared!

That being said, the next step would be to STOP CREATING COMMUNITY WEBSITES! The community for Halo Machinima, while it IS growing, is not ready to really band together in perfect harmony just yet, and all these websites are doing is just laying down a breeding ground for people to form cliques to isolate themselves within. The machinima community is steadily becoming a Hermit community, full of factionist ideals that make no sense whatsoever!


Article by Brandy


Article by Ani (GuyHigh)

                                               Unifying the Machinima community from the perspective of a drunk Brit

So at the time of writing this I (Ani) had collectively swallowed 2 Ciders, 1 and ½ pints of beer, 2 Vodkas and Coke and one Captain Morgan’s. Fortunately sober Ani was around to correct any spelling mistakes and grammar issues.   

The problem with the “Unify the community idea” is that no one really likes each other. Like we have split off into so many separate factions that it’s hard to make any real progress. We have us over at Trigrams, Arbys group, Machinima Union. Now I am not saying we should all become one happy little family, because honestly this won’t happen, no one really likes each other. And if we accept that fact and rather than try this stupid and bullshit unification idea and we simply accept that it won’t happen and just be nice to one another, much more progress will be made. 

The only reason for desire of unification is that people are wanting to bring back “The good old days”. However directors from the good old days are gone. It wasn’t the communal aspect that made Machinima good, it was those directors. On that note, where the fuck did this communal aspect come from. Did Jon CJG collab with Darknal? Was there a RunningGunStuido and Black Light Productions joint project I missed? People don’t want a community, people want their childhood back. It’s the same arguments that the originals will always be better than the new ones. Most modern older directors were kids when “Arby N the Chief”, “The Forgotten Spartans”, “Phil”, and “Spriggs” came out. It got them interested and that’s what they wanted to replicate. However they can’t do that because all those videos were products of the time.  Rather than see that though they look back and see the great clan and friendly aspect of Halo 3’s time and assume that’s what made things great. But at the end of the day Clans were idiotic, the only point of clans was so all you and your friends could show people that you were friends, it wasn’t this great big alliance and army, clan battles didn’t happen, least as much as they were in Machinima, and clans themselves were just a category system. 

In my personal opinion putting the Machinima community together is as hard as making a good Elite story in Halo 4. One day maybe it will succeed. But I highly doubt it. To anyone who want to yell at me for bashing people, that was not my goal. I just need to say that the idea of a unified community is moronic too me, we shouldn’t try to do that, we should just try to be a good person to one another