Article by Mikey

                                                                                   Death of Diveristy, Greetings to Monotony


Gosh Ghosty, what the heck are you blabbering on about? Well, i think it is obvious, Halo 5. But if you want to stick around and read through this so called article, i suggest you strap in, get a bucket of ice-cream and join me on what essentially is me nitpicking on things that will make the game feel like an utter disappointment, or just few points that you will brush aside.


Halo 5, the shining light in the end of a tunnel of poop, muck, snot and utter disappointment that was Halo 4. C'mon, don’t lie to yourself, you know it must be true, you saw the signs, you experienced it! We held on to the hope that Halo 4 was just a fluke from a newer studio taking on the reigns from Bungie, and we consciously gave them a pass, but subconsciously wanted to choke the life from their in-game avatars. Halo 4 was essentially wat Prequels were to Star Wars, crappy and boring but full of lore and possibilities for an epic story. We accepted it, and crossed our collective fingers for Halo 5, itching to get our hands on the, what was promised, epic culmination of all Halo games prior.


We salivated about Prometheans become our foes, we hoped for Flood to come back, we wanted to see more of chief as a narrator and a character as opposed to being a silent Bob, but most of all, we hoped for Elites, we hoped to see them once again take their spot as playable characters as masters of honor, sword and loyalty and nothing make us giddier then hearing Arbiters voice in the teasers for Halo 5, announcing he will help Agent Schlocke to find Chief. My eyes lit up, its going to be Halo 2 again, missions as Schlocke, missions as Arbiter **K YEAH! And that meant Elites are back in Matchmaking baby WOOOOT! I was excited, a promise of an epic story are coming into the fold, all our desires for Halo5  are coming true, and then it all fell to the bottom of the abyss, abyss of disappointment.


I think deep in the core of my brain I knew, I knew that my hopes were empty. And the moment Halo media began focusing on SPARTANS, be it in books or TV commercials and comics i saw my dreams crash. I am not going to bother and list what I did not like, and what i think is a "fail" moment is. All im going to say that the moment we all realized that the campaign in Halo 5 will be split, and that Both Blue and Schlockes Team are on that blasted cover art, Elites are out of our grasp. I guess it’s that darn cover art, that puzzle fans were completing bit by bit what solidified my disgust of Halo 5. My Elites were replaced with book characters (oh don’t worry i read your precious books, yes, I’m talking to you , YES YOU, so called REAL Halo FAN), boring, bland characters, there will be a book article later on, and boy will you hate my guts after that. But yes, subconsciously I think Halo 5 Beta really put the seed of doubt in me, new abilities, movement and 343I's relentless promotion of the SPARTANS is what got me suspicious but held on, and obviously I should have let go, and fell into the spikey chasm of sorrow.


Elites are gone, Halo turned from a Galactic saga, to a story about cyborg soldiers, these so called SPARTANS, boring and generic super soldiers, who trifle with nothing but "durh am i iz human, or am i iz machoon robit" or perhaps "hash Halsey made me a baed human and unly a weaponz of weaar", and let us not forget "NOOOOOOOO Certana, my holographic boob gurl, i cant live without YOUU". Yes I am aware of the plot behind Halo 5, and I have no doubt that the events will be on galactic scale, but the focus will be on SPARTANS, and the focus will be on a bland human story and how we are super important. Bungie set up a great story arch with Halo 2, and pushed it with Halo 3, survival, survival of the galaxy by working together, achieving things through hate and disgust and ugliness, to work with your enemy to save us all, it was a story about John 117, Thel Vadam, Edward Buck, the Covenant, the UNSC, but now, its about SPARTANS, one dimensional Characters. Don't get me started about machinima. Well, maybe Buck will be my saving grace, Nathan Fillion never disappoints.

“Kookoo Kachoo, Mrs. Robinson!”

    The site is starting to really form together! Equally matching in completion
   would be our series; we've gotten sooooo close to either finishing big projects, 
   beginning new ones, or preparing for others, which is keeping us solidly busy. 
   We have now come up to 6 permanent members and one tentative member, 
   which  I will list below.

•    Mikey (Filmmaker)
•    Brandy (Public Relations, Voice Actor)
•    Greggy (Artist, Voice Actor, Writer)
•    Adroony (CGI Artist, Filmmaker, Voice Actor)
•    Matty (CGI Artist)
•    Doomy (CGI Artist, Filmmaker)

    We are looking for one last member to join us in the future, though we are a bit
   conflicted as to what talents we should look for. Mascot? More CGI prowess? 
   Voice Acting pool? We won't have room for any other members, so we have to 
   be careful with our selection.

   Moving along, I (Brandy) have been doing assorted graphics that could possibly 
   be used in our films as fun Easter eggs, but I have been mainly waiting for Halo 
   5 to come out and for the Xbox One backwards compatibility to kick in so that I 
   can really splurge my ideas out there without a care for time limits. Should be fun!

    Prepare for a lot of images to show up in our comics pages!

Article by Brandy

​​There and Back Again.


                It's not often I look back at my decisions and say "Well that was dumb", even with our little social experiment prank I don’t think I looked back and second guessed myself. But when it comes to not doing more ""Elites of War", I think I done mess up big time, and I mean I shot our studio in the gut, cut its hamstrings, broke its paws (Our mascot is a wolf just so ya know) and tossed it into the ditch. I am more then positive that if we put all of our efforts spent on experiments and multi-media approaches and our shenanigans with the community in EoW we would be long way to our 20eth thousand subscriber and out 5th million view.

                Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we experimented, we got "Scale and Claw" out of it, along with "The Other Guys", that we got Valik and "Monster Hunter" in our camp, but we have spent 3 years wasting ourselves away on gaming and "other" entertainment stuff, we spent our time on people who were a detriment to our studio and most importantly, we neglected the 2 years of work we put in our infancy.

                As much as others might not see it, or even me feeling a bit "grandiose" about it, but "Elites of War” is a legacy, a legacy I’ve build on my back alone for 2 years. At one time it stood shoulder to shoulder with early RotS, constantly being compared to it, praised, hated loved and disliked, liked as a proper popular series. So what exactly happened?

                I guess it started with an idea, an idea of a feature length film, Episode 10 of EoW. While true, "Chronicles" and "Vita de Militis" both faired successfully and were the direct result of E10s long production run the entire concept of  "continuity “and perfect emotional tugging at the end of E9 that held peoples interest, faded. And by the time E10 released, action, comedy and effects based machinima took over. What loyal following we had with genuine interest in story were swept under the umbrella of "Action/Adventure" as opposed to our "Adventure/Drama", and I, as the one who should have kept the fire lit, simply collapsed after a 3 hour film of 9 month in the making. The fault is my own, I just had outside factors amplify my failure to its true, humongous size.

                You might think that the above was all, but that would be a lie, yes, of course the outside factors that swept the entire YouTube scene, where Halo machinima de-evolved into big action machinima or well established comedies, affected us and our "popularity", but it’s our further neglect of EoW that really began to put nails into our chairs, pointy ends outward toward our asses. And as Halo 4 loomed over, and the practical usage of Elites faded, we completely engulfed ourselves into the "Hiatus from EoW". Instead we delved into comedy with "The Other Guys" and another feature length film "Space Marine: Shard of Clavicus"-which as of the current date is a colossal failure, but that’s for another article.

                All of the above, 90% of which is of our own doing is the reason why we are still suck at the top "echelon" of small machinima channels. Do i honestly believe that our spot is alongside of our peers? Yes, I do, it is as simple as that, it is not a matter of what i think we deserve, it’s our work that dictates that and our tenure on YouTube.

                So, here we are again, after effectively destroying our audience for EoW with our own stupidity we are here, hoping to build it up, again, with Exile and subsequent "seasons" of the show that will come. We are effectively starting from 0, not from scratch since we have years of experience and tons of lore to build of off, but none the less rebuilding indeed. And this is coming at the age where Halo machinima is no longer the king, it will be 10 times harder and take longer, yet still, Exile is ready to provide. As once great Liam Neeson said in his movie "The Grey"-Once more into the fray, into the last good fight I’ll ever know-though less dramatic, and less depressing. 

Article by Mikey