"Competition" (Halo:Reach Machinima) 

Remember kids, when life gives you lemons, YOU HIDE THEM.

Give Brandy a Like, for every like, he gets more free time from his sex slave job!

"Forget-Me- Bat" (Halo 4 Machinima ) 

Maria brings you a funky Commercial about a new toy available in Halo 4 store.

Make sure to give us your credit card info, ...and a like, otherwise Maria will go into She-Wolf mode and eat your guts and eyeballs....

"Waiting in Line" (Halo 4 / Reach Machinima)  

Waiting in a line sucks, but when you get cut.... it's on!

Brandy brings you another crazy short. Give it a like....or Meteor shower will be your LAST! SHOWER!

"Rook"-("War Thunder" Machinima) 

Our New machinima about a Rookie Pilot named "Rook" who served in Air Force during WW 2. 

Machinima isn't only something that is made in Halo,  We have been fiddling with few games and "War Thunder" is one of them, This is just a test to see if this is a viable Medium, I hope you Enjoy it

"Only the Dead have see the end of War "

Coming back with Dramatic pieces as a prelude to a possible Full Feature film, Enjoy guys.

"Martyr" (Halo 4 Machinima) 

An exceptional story of a struggle of 501st Mechanized Infantry Battalion against the hordes of unknown enemies, Battle Hardened, experienced fighters fighting for their nation! 

"Screamo" ( Halo 4 Machinima Short)

2 Bots, 1 Car, Who will get it!

"Martyr" (Halo 4 Machinima) 

"War is just the beginning, a means to an end that will bring peace to all of us in time. Accept your fate... and evolve!"

"Parking Violation" (Halo 4 Machinima)   

Bewaaaare the Invasion! 

In this animation, 2 ships do their best to stave off the alien onslaught; Enjoy!

Beware the Invasion! [Animation]

War effort against the Covenant is dwindling, on every step the UNSC suffers defeats and large losses, resorting to desperate measures a 4 man ODST unit is dropped behind enemy lines to retrieve a weapons cache. 

"Deluge"(Halo 3/CGI Machinima)  

Brandy's second attempt at comedy, and stop motion.

TEH SPOODER! [Comedy Stop Motion]

HAI BUDDEH! [Comedy Stop Motion] 

So Brandy has been a tad itchy lately about getting into Stop Motion; here's another of his attempts.


Brandy's third stab at Stop motion! Longrack has a question for Demolishor...

Do you wanna build...? [Comedy Stop Motion]

This was our attempt at creating Destiny machinima with tools that they have provided, these tools being absolutely nothing!

" Necromancer" (Halo: Reach Machinima) [Effects test] 

Brandy the Producer, with some help takes charge of Special effects Department with mixed Results, Please  take it very seriously, for this is the start of the doomsday, The dead will Walk again and the  living will perish in the depth's of hell. Enjoy, for this will be your last waking moments....No kidding!

Vixen on Broadway (Halo Reach Machinima Short) 

Gents, Vixen has a ...plan....

"Machine Language" [Halo: Reach Machinima Short] 

Waiting in a line sucks, but when you get cut.... it's on!

Brandy brings you another crazy short. Give it a like....or Meteor shower will be your LAST! SHOWER!

Raptor vs Boss (EPIC Halo:Reach Machinima) 

Enjoy this "VS" between 2 of the toughest Elites, EVER! It just so happens, they are one and the same person!

Raptor from le "Rise of the Spartans" and Boss from le "Elites of War" 

NOTE: This is pre-anamorphic render, meaning there will be a Cinematic version of this released slightly later, Enjoy this Either Way!

Forky the Forklift gets beat by Vanny the Van 

So...i wanted to further test my phones capabilities..so i recorded ...a test drive of our new Forklift...And yeeeep...stuff happened. 

PS Forge World green screen while practical is very limited with SF in editing.

Forklift: Tale of the Driver (Halo 4 Hybrid Machinima)  

"Bolters" (Halo 4 Machinima) 

In War, there are no such things as unfair...unless you use a BoltShot...ROT IN HELL!

Brought to you by Brandon Coe-Director and Trigrams.

"Weapon" (Halo 4 Machinima) 

When two psychics gather for a showdown....things will Explode...tell