Silus and Dog reach their destination, but will they receive their answers?

Chapter Four: "Fort of Bones"

Silus and Dog find themselves deeper inside the mysterious land, thrown off by its scent and climate they survive only with luck.

Our tale continues as Silus Rottscale finds himself marooned on an unknown land...Is he truly alone?

Chapter Two: "Calipso"

Land of Skyrim is full of adventure, and dragons. But in the midst of Dovahkins quest, more vile, sinister characters rise to hunt for their own prey.

Chapter Five: "Day of the Beast"

The Hunt is on, but who is  the hunter and who is the Hunted.

Chapter Three: " Rotten Paradise"

Chapter One: "Sins of the Father"

We begin our tale long before the time of the return of Alduin, Set in the Black Marsh, Imperial garrison prepares to fend off a Barbarian horde.

Prologue: Silus Rottscale