Episode 6: "Exodus"

While Sangheili loyalists defend their homeworld to the last Elite, Gharst and his forces begin planet wide evacuation of their forces. Inevitability of defeat looms over Maso, yet his concern lies elsewhere. Meanwhile human forces release their secret weapon. 

 Join Maso, a Supreme Councilor of Sanghelios,and his Elite "Hierarchs" as they dwell on the Issue of the Invasion while their planet is being invade, what moves and what options do Sangheili have left to ensure their survival

Episode 5: "The Warlord"

Episode 4: "The Execution"

 Join Damk Moramee a fallen Shipmaster as he is making his way through a deserted detention center while the events on the surface heat up.Humanity is on the offensive, and Sangheili use any means to defend their homeworld, no matter how extreme these means may be.

Episode 3: "The Heretic"

Follow the unknown Elite,trapped in an unknown territory,his friend, being only  an image and a voice of his comrade. What did he do?What has happened to him,and what is happening in the mysterious detention center.

Episode 2: "The Hunter"

Tides of War yet again pound on the shores of peace, as humanities staging outpost prepares for the worst. Meet Reed ,a war veteran from Human / Covenant War, follow him at his new position on the remote outpost named "Silent Star". 

Episode 1: "The Mercenary"

​The War between species wages once more. After almost  two decades of peace the Elites are under attack from a mysterious Enemy.  Follow the adventures of a Mercenary Group known as "Legionares" as the war throws them between sides.. Meet Gharst and Jan the Commanders of "Legionares" and see what unlikely Allies...and old foes they will meet.