Episode 10: "Bloodhound"

Universe is vast, and a simple event in one of its corners does not freeze the life in others, a simple colony of Culan 5 goes by its daily life,  its inhabitants go to work, go to their homes, feed , sleep, converse, and just like any other place Culan 5 has its dark moments. A world without murder and crime is but a myth, and City of New Illiad knows this first hand, and sometimes its protectors have even darker secrets.

Episode 9: "Operation Larva"

"Raptor Squad" finds themselves separated  and stalked  as they try and find their way to their objective

Part 1 of 3

Episode 8: "Three"

Join Raptor Squad as they spend their rare break in a Legion Recruitment center, What awaits them as the Command gives them yet another mundane contract, or is it? 

A Conclusion to the Epic Contract of Raptor squad. Targets Eliminated, Mission Complete now only thing left is to get out!

Part 3 of 3  Final Part

Targets are in Place, the Squad is on the verge of Completing their  Contract.. Guns are Loaded, fingers on the Triggers. 
"Raptor Squad"--- OPEN FIRE!  

Part 2 of  3   

Episode 9: "Operation Larva"

Episode 9: "Operation Larva"

‚ÄčEpisode 7: Raptor Squad

Join the deadliest team in the known universe as they execute one of their more..mysterious Contracts in the Season Premier of Elites of War dubbed "Raptor Squad"