"Elites of War" as a series, spans multiple years, multiple games, multiple Genres. We had successful spin-off's , a well made film, and a number of various story telling devices. This series might not be the most popular, or oldest, or perfect, but it is one of the survivors of our age. How many other machinimas can say they survived for 6 years. This Retrospective is our last "HOOORAAAH" to the past seasons and spin offs. 

Episode 2: In Plain Sight

A tongue can be just as powerful as blade, and sometimes even more devastating.  it takes just the right amount of pressure to collapse the composure of your target, after that, it is just a matter of time until you control them.  

Still aboard UNSC Infinity Gharst Omelum undergoes vigorous interrogation, until  a curious interruption sets off a chain of interesting events.

The war between humanity is long over,yet new threats dwell in the galaxy. As humanity rebuilds and expands its reach a new foe, rises, but with new foes, come new allies, some are more enigmatic then others, some have agendas of their own. 

Set in mere weeks before the first Battle of Requiem follow an Exiled Shipmaster, as he worms his way on the most sophisticated and advanced human warship, Infinity!

Power is not measured by the size of your army, but by the ignorance of your foes

"I have Carved through mountains...set prairies aflame...and have vaporized oceans. I will not be denied my retribution"

"And your exiled champion shall raise you. You will destroy and overcome with mortars. You will march and roar with bloodlust; you will be cold, like the ashes you will sprinkle across the corners of the galaxy."

"I have observed the misery of my men... I know their sufferings, and I have come to bring them up from their pitiful world... To one made anew." - Legion Commander

Episode 1: Prisoner

‚ÄčExile: Ring-Bearer

Exile: The Parasite

Exile: The Cartographer

Exile:The Ring

  Retrospective Saga