Ravens continue their crusade through the unknown Xzeno world. With new leads and ever looming danger they seek to find Bayfire, While his brothers tinker with old machines of war Bayfire continues to recon the path ahead.

Part 3- "Guardian"

Part 2- "The Altar"

Black Ravens  study an unknown Xeno structure and venture deeper into the dreaded planet.

Black Ravens Find themselves in front of remains of Hyperion Chapel Ship. In ruins and oddly silent the Chapel lays still, broken and dead.

Part 2- "Dead Chapel"

Space Marines, Emperors finest soldiers, bred for War, and complete domination. No Xeno threat can match their power, their ferocity, their unyielding loyalty. But an ancient threat looms over the Imperium, a new player on the field of War. It is up to Black Ravens, a disgraced Space Marine chapter , to hold the danger at bay. 

Part 1- "Black Ravens"