Episode 3: "Rude Awakening"

They guys are back, confused, lost...and surprisingly....weird

Episode 1: "Something ain't Right "

Dropped in an secret location, on a lost world, ordered to find...something

Precious "PIE" has been compromised, its up to the guys to do their Duty....Guard it with their lives!

Episode 4: "The Educator"

Tides of War yet again pound on the shores of peace, as humanities staging outpost prepares for the worst. Meet Reed ,a war veteran from Human / Covenant War, follow him at his new position on the remote outpost named "Silent Star". 

Episode 2: "He,She,It"

WARNING: Puking, Gas, and transvestites might appear, please  use caution!

Some guards hold guns all the time, Other Guards, hold other things.

Episode 4: "The Room"

Guys are getting suspicious of their new base while the overseers are getting into, unpleasant, confrontation. 


Episode 2: "Simply Guards"

Mysterious soldier talks to a mysterious guy about mysterious guards

Episode 5: "Pielosion"

Episode 3: "The Cliff"

When Cliff meets a bafoon...Cliff Wins!

Episode 1: "Pilot"