‚ÄčThe Day i Died


Legion Engineers have cracked another firewall in record time, More classified data on Cerberus Program has been Redacted from the public logs, Legion Academy and Archives are thrilled to receive yet another piece of history to Honor the Fallen hero, More and more Phoenix Citizens volunteer for Legion Military.

Classified entry has been removed from the storage unit and placed under heavy firewall. More of Cerberus classified  data has been revealed immediate seizure and lock-down of the data-pads is now a necessity 

Note: A Glitch has been found in the Log...All Engineering must locate it.

Log 8 is considered classified Data revealing Cerberus Unit origins, This will be sent to Archives and retained for further study.

Legion Agents were not able to decipher  few entries from the data pad, the firewall and the programming of the data was far beyond the reach of "On Site Crew" however with determination they were able to unlock a later message...indeed it was a message. Legion Command is considering classifying all further entries and look deeper into Lt. Colonels files.

Legion Engineering Team has  cracked another firewall, the contents are immediately moved to Homeworld Data banks and made public to Civilian population.

Legion Engineers were able to peel away security programs from older Logs, Current entry will be uploaded to a portable device and  transferred to Legion Archives until Colonel Recko will give a green light to publicize it.  We are still working on decoding the rest, bio-metric security does not make the Job easy.

Unit 1.1.0

Killing Machine

The Way i Died

The Way We Were

Immortal Legend

Weeping Giant

One Simple Human

‚ÄčAt the Mercy of Death

After cracking heavily Encrypted FireWall yet another piece of Lt Colonel T'kan Ghan's log has been processed by Legion Agents.

As the Legionary Historians decode more of the damaged data-pad with Lt Colonels personal logs they more and more believe that the material presented  in the data-pad could be used to inspire Legion recruits. Legacy of T'kan Ghan lives through his history.

Log 2 of the late Lt Colonel T'kan Ghan. For some death is an inevitability, for others its a way out. For Lt Colonel his death was both a sacrifice and duty for a soldier following orders is sacred, sometimes these orders lead the loyal to their deaths. 

A Half Teaser Half First installment of a short "Elites of War" story arc.

 While the Ultimate End of Lt. Colonel T'kan Ghan is inevitable his story stretches far back. As Legion Historians found a detailed Log Book of the late Lt Colonel, once Classified Information was released to the rest of Legions . T'kan Ghan was more then Legion Super Soldier, he was a beacon of hope, courage and justice to the rest of the soldiers. Since his death Cerberus program was flooded with volunteers.